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Make Watermelon Boxes with Chef Jasmine

Follow along and learn how to make these bright, summery appetizers in just minutes!

Hello everyone! As summer definitively comes to a close and the chilly fall weather inches closer we wanted feature one of our favorite summery appetizers: Watermelon boxes!

With all the delicious, waistline-extending dishes around this time of year we at Jules wanted to provide you with a light, bright and refreshing appetizer for any occasion.

Watermelon Feta Box Appetizer
Watermelon Feta Boxes

Follow along with Chef Jasmine to create these super simple snacks in just minutes!

Summer watermelon Boxes

1 small watermelon- sliced into disks

1 lime- ½ wedged and ½ for squeezing on top

¼ c feta cheeses

¼ c Serrano lime vinaigrette

6 basil leafs- chiffonade

Serrano Vinaigrette

4 tbl. Fresh squeezed lime juice

1 tbl. White vinegar

¼ c olive oil

2 tbl. Honey

1 clove garlic, finely minced

½ Serrano, minced- if you want ti super spicy leave the pith and seeds in, if not take them out

Salt & pepper to taste

Blend with a fork or whisk

Show us how your Watermelon Boxes turned out by tagging @julesgourmetcatering on FB, Instagram or wherever you like to show off your creations!

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