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A Manager's Guide to Boosting Morale with Food

C A M A R A D E R I E | C U L T U R E | C O N N E C T E D N E S S

(this article has been modified from a previous version)

Many companies took a big hit during COVID-19 and employees were forced to work remotely (or for some not work at all). As we deliver catering to some of these giant companies throughout Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Superior and Lafayette, Colorado, it's sometimes shocking to see as much as 90% of their desk space open. Huge, cavernous spaces almost desolate.

It feels like things have started returning to normal, and it sometimes feels like things are back to normal, and therefor one thing we're seeing now is many of our corporate clients beginning to require their staff to commit to returning back to the office full-time, or nearly full-time versus the recent status quo of mostly remote work or vastly hybrid schedules. As we come back together and companies begin looking at the future of their workplaces it is important to effectively reunite and reengage team spirits. Following are some good tips to get your team back to working TOGETHER, as a TEAM, IN PERSON!

C A M A R A D E R I E | C U L T U R E | C O N N E C T E D N E S S


While this may seem elementary, taking 10 or 15 minutes for your team to connect on a less

formal level is a great way to take the stress away from being back in a formal office setting. This can help ease the tension of new procedures as well as reinstate company and employee camaraderie!


1 . T H E F O O D I E I C E B R E A K E R - Oh yes, we’re going there! Because well, who doesn’t love to talk about food? This great ice breaker from SnackNation works well to bring people together around something everyone has in common: FOOD! HOW TO PLAY:

1. Have everyone write down a dish they would want to prepare for others. 2. Put all the cards in the middle of a table and go around and have everyone pick up a card and read it aloud. 3. Try to guess which team member wrote the card. Once that person has been identified, have the person who wrote it share something extra about the dish, like how they learned to make it or a memory it reminds them of.

2 . T H A N K Y O U T H U R S D AY S - This simple activity is a creative way to get your team members more engaged in the workplace by paying closer attention to those around them. HOW TO PLAY: Go around the table and have your team members share about someone they appreciated or were thankful for this week and why.

3 . F E E L G O O D F R I D AY S - An easy way to help employees focus on the good around them.

HOW TO PLAY: Have your team members write down or say something they feel positive about or are looking forward to.

CULTURE It is important to continually develop and live-out the company culture, though it can sometimes be challenging. Celebrations and special events are helpful ways to reinstate company culture and get everyone working together on the same frequency again.


C AT E R C O M PA N Y M E A L S - A meeting with a catered lunch is far more enticing for your attendees than a meeting without. Catering meetings or meals once a week, or even once a month for employees in the workplace is an awesome way to reinstate company culture and get team members communicating organically again. Catered events also encourage employees to stay in the office and engage with one another. This plays a lot into the balance of the inner culture of the company and how that naturally grows and manifests within the workplace.

N O N - W O R K R E L AT E D E V E N T S - An event like a summer picnic, a team celebration, or happy hour event are fun ways to get your team members together without work-related pressures or expectations. These events can easily take place at the workplace, and perhaps even during the day. These opportunities also offer members a chance to get away from both home and work stressors and just enjoy time with friends and peers. In the world we live in now, these small connected moments are more appreciated than ever so these are great ways to initiate those moments. Click here to see our BBQ/Picnic Menu.

CONNECTEDNESS Relight the fires of your office fun committee: What connective, nostalgic or other meaningful things can you highlight and celebrate for those that come into the office? Paying attention to the small things like what your team members are dealing with is a great tip for reestablishing connectedness.


T H A N K I N G Y O U R T E A M - A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way to employees or team members who have been working remotely. The great thing about a thank you is that you can say it with more than just words. Try sending them ready made family meals, gift packages or DIY activities for them and their kids. Finding creative ways to thank your employees for all the work and adjustment they put in these past couple of years is a really great way to create another level of connectedness within the company culture.

W H AT A R E T H E Y S T R U G G L I N G OUTSIDE OF WORK ? - Times are still not quite normal and that means life in general may look different than before. Finding out what employees with are dealing with away from the office and what resources they might need to help give them that extra boost can go a long way in ensuring their happiness and ability to work away from home effectively. This tactic also helps employees discover mutual needs which is supremely beneficial for connecting with one another.

M A K E T I M E F O R P E R S O N A L C O N V E R S AT I O N S - Getting back into the groove of work is important, but so is checking in with those around you. Our last tip to re-establish connectedness is to never forget to ask how people are and how you can give them a helping hand.


Corporate Catering

It’s important to feed the ones you depend on. We offer fully catered lunches, holiday parties and specialty menus for all kinds of celebrations! Let us help you and your team reconnect over our quality gourmet meals. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options always available!

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