Banquet A-La-Carte

Build Your Own Buffet!
This is a perfect way to create a custom menu to fit your needs.

We will gladly provide event staff, insured bartenders or rental packages to any  event for an additional fee.


Artichoke Chicken  Grilled chicken breast finished with artichoke and sun-dried tomato buerre-blanc.  (GF)

BBQ Chicken  American style BBQ chicken with house-made citrus BBQ sauce. (GF, DF)

Chicken in Fine Herb Cream Sauce  Seared chicken breast finished in a white wine and fresh herb cream sauce.  (GF)

Chicken Marsala  Grilled chicken breast finished in rich mushroom Marsala wine sauce.  (GF)

Chicken Parmesan  Lightly breaded chicken breast fried golden brown and finished with a warm tomato-basil sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Picatta  Seared chicken breast finished in a fresh lemon, caper, and mushroom sauce.  (GF)

Colorado Grilled Chicken  Grilled chicken breast served with a white wine, garlic, lemon and fresh herb sauce topped with charred Colorado corn and blistered cherry tomatoes. (GF, DF)

Cranberry Roasted Chicken Breast  House made cranberry jam glazed chicken breast served with caramelized pearl onions and sage. (GF, DF)

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken  Fresh lemon and rosemary marinated chicken breast grilled and served with an artichoke and sun-dried tomato velouté. (GF, DF)

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken  Grilled chicken breast with artichoke, olive and tomato ragout finished with crumbled feta cheese.  (GF)

Milanese Chicken  Chicken breast marinated in sage and garlic, topped with baby arugula, grape tomatoes, lemon and olive oil. (GF, DF)

Pesto Chicken  Grilled chicken breast served with a creamy pesto and sun-dried tomato cream sauce.  (GF)

Root Beer BBQ Chicken  Char grilled chicken breast basted with root beer BBQ sauce.  (GF)

Smoked Chicken, Apple & Green Peppercorn Sauce  Apple wood smoked chicken breast in a flavorful green peppercorn and granny smith apple demi-glace.  (GF)

Tuscan Chicken Breast  Grilled chicken breast with a warm heirloom tomato and basil vinaigrette. (GF, DF)

Whiskey Chicken  Breast of chicken sautéed with pine nuts and raisins, flamed with Jack Daniels and finished in a rich cream sauce.


Beef Wellington  Tender fillet mignon baked in a flaky puff pastry filled with mushroom duexelle served with Madeira wine sauce.

Boneless Beef Short Ribs  Tender beef short ribs slow braised in fire-roasted tomatoes served with a chipotle-green chile demi-glace.  (GF)

Chef Carved Beef Options:  Your choice of Beef Tenderloin, Bistro Tender, Prime Rib, NY Strip Loin, Rosemary Tri Tip, or Sirloin of Beef hand carved to order by the chef. * Carver fee applies



Grilled Korean Style Flank Steak  Tender flank steak marinated overnight in a flavorful blend of soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, cola, brown sugar and onion and then grilled to perfection. (GF, DF)

Medallions of Beef with Compound Butter  Grilled medallions of beef with your choice of blue cheese and shallot butter or sun-dried tomato basil compound butter. (GF)

Medallions of Beef with Port Wine   Grilled beef medallions served with rich port wine sauce.  (GF)

Peppered Filet Mignon  Tender filet mignon encrusted with crushed tri-colored peppercorns served with red wine demi-glace.  (GF)

Sliced Steak Marsala  Tender sliced beef finished in a delicate mushroom Marsala wine sauce.  (GF)

Spinach and Boursin Steak Roulade  Flank steak pounded thin then stuffed with spinach, boursin and sun-dried tomatoes topped with a refreshing romesco sauce.  (GF)

Tomato Braised Boneless Short Rib   Braised boneless short ribs served in a rich fire roasted tomato demi-glace.  (GF)


Ancho Lime Pork Spareribs  Apple wood smoked pork spareribs seasoned with ancho, lime, cilantro, brown sugar & other spices. (4 Ribs)

Asian Marinated Pork Tenderloin  Fresh ginger, soy, honey, hoisin, lime and garlic flavor this pork tenderloin served over char grilled baby bokchoy, garnish with fresh orange segment.  (DF)

Autumn Spiced Roasted Pork Loin  Juicy pork loin coated with a brown sugar and apple cider glaze and roasted to caramelized perfection. (GF, DF)

Char Grilled Teriyaki Pork Chops with Summer Peach Salsa  Marinated bone in pork chops, char grilled, served with fresh sweet and spicy peach salsa.  (GF, DF)

Chef Carved Stuffed Pork Loin  Pork loin that has been stuffed with sautéed apples, wild rice and sage then oven roasted until golden brown and served with onion, raisin and garlic compote. (GF, DF)

Herb & Garlic Crusted Pork Lion with Honey Mustard Sauce  Herb and garlic encrusted pork loin oven roasted and finished with honey mustard sauce.  (GF, DF) 

Maple Brined Pork Loin with Mustard Cream Sauce  Maple syrup brined pork loin, roasted and served with stone ground mustard cream sauce. (GF)

Parmesan Crusted Pork Loin Chops  Parmesan breaded pork loin chops fried golden brown finished with marinara sauce.

Roasted Ham  Pit roasted ham glazed with cranberry jam and braised mustard seed. (GF, DF)


Almond -Crusted Trout Colorado  Trout encrusted in a almond and herb coating, pan-fried and served with fresh lemons.

Atlantic Salmon with Lemon-Herb Beurre Blanc  Seared Atlantic salmon fillets served with a lemon-herb buerre blanc sauce.

Blackened Mahi-Mahi with Fresh Mango Salsa  Cajun coated Mahi-Mahi seared and topped with sweet and spicy mango salsa.  (GF, DF) 

Blackened Tilapia Fillets with Sweet Corn Salsa  Cajun coated fish fillets seared and topped with sweet roasted corn and pepper salsa. (GF)

Citrus Glazed Salmon Fillet  Lemons, Limes and Oranges Flavor this Grilled Fillet of Salmon.  (GF/DF)

Halibut with Citrus Buerre-Blanc  Seared fresh Halibut on a bed of wilted spinach with citrus butter sauce.  (GF)

Poached Salmon, Cucumber Dill Sauce  Poached salmon fillet served with fresh cucumber dill crème fraiche sauce.  (GF)

Teriyaki Marinated Mahi-Mahi with Fresh Pineapple Salsa  Teriyaki marinated Mahi-Mahi seared then topped with sweet and spicy pineapple salsa.  (GF/DF) 


Citrus Cherry Duck Breast  Seared duck breast sliced and served with a citrus cherry port wine sauce.  (GF) 

Curried Lamb Kabobs with Tatziki Sauce  Flavorful red curry marinated lamb, paired with fresh vegetables, grilled and served with cucumber yogurt sauce.   (GF) 

Rosemary Roasted Leg Of Lamb  Slow roasted leg of lamb served with rosemary demi-glace and mint jelly. *Carver Fee Applies  (GF) 

Traditional Herb Roasted Turkey  Traditional herb roasted turkey with pan gravy.

Veal Saltimbocca  Tender scaloppini of veal topped with fresh sage, thinly sliced prosciutto and finished with a white wine and butter sauce with fresh lemons.


Asian Noodle Salad with Sesame Marinated Tofu  Mixed greens topped with seasoned rice noodles, water chestnuts, snow peas, shredded carrots, cucumber, red onion, tomato and sesame dressing. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Cavatappi Pasta with Summer Vegetables – SEASONAL  A refreshing cold dish of cavatappi pasta tossed with garden fresh summer vegetables, olive oil, fresh herbs, lemon juice and Parmesan cheese. (Veg)

Cavatappi Pasta & Vegetable Primavera  Corkscrew pasta blended with fresh broccoli, garlic, mushrooms, red onion, yellow squash and red bell pepper with creamy tomato basil sauce.

Fettucini Noodles with Herbs and Butter  Fettucini noodles tossed in a herb and butter sauce. (Veg)

Four Cheese Lasagna  Flavorful blends of mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta, and fontina cheese layered between pasta sheets, fresh herbs, and tomato sauce.

Grilled Chicken & Penne Pasta  Julienne char grilled chicken tossed with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach, sundried tomato, red onion and garlic in a creamy tomato basil sauce.

Lobster Mac & Cheese  This is not you regular mac & cheese!  Creamy fontina, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, fresh herbs, cream and succulent lobster meat.


BBQ Grilled Tempeh  Grilled marinated tempeh slathered in a house BBQ sauce. (Veg, GF, DF)

Eggplant Parmesan Sliced eggplant breaded and fried then finished with a warm tomato basil sauce and mozzarella cheese.  (Veg)

Pesto Tofu  Firm tofu tossed in pesto then seared to infuse the flavors and topped with warm tomato vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Risotto Stuffed Bell Pepper  Creamy vegetable risotto stuffed in a sweet bell pepper baked and finished with a warm tomato basil sauce.  (Veg, GF) 

Roasted Vegetable Tacos – 2 per person  Black beans mixed with a Southwest vegetable medley seasoned with herbs and spices garnished with fresh cilantro and served in a crispy taco shell. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Roasted Winter Vegetable Lasagna – SEASONAL  Roasted winter vegetables layered between pasta sheets with an herb cream sauce and topped with a four cheese blend and baked golden brown. (Veg)

Stuffed Portabella Cap  Grilled portabella cap stuffed with exotic grains and fire roasted vegetables and finished with a red pepper romesco sauce.  (Veg, GF)

Vegetable Napoleon  Stack of seasonal vegetables with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.  (Veg, GF)

Vegetable Paella with Quinoa  A flavorful combination of quinoa seasoned with white wine, fennel, saffron and roasted squash, bell peppers, eggplant and edamame. (Veg, GF, DF)

Wild Mushroom Raviolis with Sage Cream Sauce Fresh ravioli tossed with red bell peppers, peas, shitake mushrooms in fresh sage cream sauce. (Veg)

Winter Vegetable Lasagna Rolls – SEASONAL  Roasted eggplant, zucchini, mascarpone cheese, citrus and fresh herbs layered between lasagna noodles and topped with a tangy tomato sauce. (Veg)


Asparagus with Julienne Red Bell Peppers  Asparagus pieces sautéed then tossed with sweet red bell peppers.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Baby Carrot & Green Bean Bundle  Peeled baby carrots and blanched green beans bundled together with steamed scallions.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Brandied Brown Sugar Carrots  Sliced carrots tossed in a brandied brown sugar glaze.  (GF) 

Corn on the Cobbett :Seasonal: Corn cobbetts grilled and served with lemon-chive butter. (Veg, GF)

Garlic & Lemon Broccolini  Roasted broccolini tossed with garlic, lemon juice, and spices.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Garlicy Grilled Asparagus   Grilled asparagus topped with a garlic vinaigrette. (Veg, GF, DF)

Green Bean Almondine  Blanched green beans tossed in butter and seasonings finished with toasted almonds.  (Veg, GF) 

Grilled Vegetable Platter  Fresh seasonal grilled vegetables:  zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes asparagus, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions drizzled with balsamic reduction.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Herb & Parmesan Stuffed Roma Tomato Provencal  Roma tomato stuffed with parmesan cheese, herbs, and bread crumbs baked until tender. (Veg)

Honey and Garlic Glazed Carrots  Honey and garlic glazed carrots with soft herbs. (Veg, GF, DF)

Roasted Baby Vegetables  Baby tri-color carrots, baby zucchini and sunburst squash tossed in melted butter and herbs de provence. (Veg, GF)

Roasted Fall Medley   Fall vegetable medley with butternut squash, red onion, apple, cranberries and herbs. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Sautéed Green Beans  Sautéed green beans, almonds, orange zest and garlic. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Seared Brussel Sprouts  Seared Brussel sprouts with bacon, garlic and thyme. (GF)

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables  Roasted seasonal vegetables tossed with herbs and spices.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Tomato Braised Zucchini and Yellow Squash  Braised zucchini and yellow squash in fresh tomato basil sauce.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 


Baja Style Black Beans  Black beans seasoned with baja spices and flavors. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Basmati Rice  Steamed long grain rice from the Middle East.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Blended Wild Rice Pilaf with Dried Cranberries, Pecans and Scallions Blended Wild rice with dried cranberries, candied pecans and fresh scallions.  (Veg, GF, DF)

Butter Whipped Potatoes  Butter whipped Idaho potatoes.  (Veg, GF)

Cilantro Lime Rice  Fluffy white rice cooked with garlic, lime juice and fresh cilantro. (Veg, Can be GF, DF, Vegan)

Colorado Fingerling Potatoes with Sea salt and Rosemary  Roasted fingerling potatoes with sea salt and fresh rosemary and olive oil.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Confetti Rice Pilaf  Traditional rice pilaf simmered with celery, onion and carrots in a light chicken broth.  (GF, DF) 

Creamy Parmesan Polenta  Creamy Italian style polenta with parmesan cheese.  (Veg, GF)

Garlic & Lime Rice  Fluffy white rice cooked with garlic, lime juice and fresh cilantro.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

Green Chili and Cheddar Polenta  Creamy polenta made with green chiles and cheddar cheese for a southwestern flare.  (Veg, GF) 

Green Chili Mac & Cheese  Cavatappi pasta mixed with green chilies and cheddar cheese sauce. (Veg)

Herb Roasted Red Potatoes  Fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic flavor these potatoes.  (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan) 

House-made Mashed Potatoes  Your choice of traditional, roasted garlic, or cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.  (Veg, GF) 

Jalapeno Potato Au Gratin  Thinly sliced potatoes mixed with béchamel, jalapeño bacon, cheddar cheese layered then baked golden brown.  (Veg, GF) 

Leek and Gruyere Potato Au Gratin  Thinly sliced potatoes mixed with béchamel, caramelized leeks, gruyere cheese layered then baked golden brown.  (Veg, GF) 

Mac “n” Cheese  Cavatappi pasta covered in a creamy cheddar & pepperjack cheese. (Veg)

Mashed Sweet Potatoes  Mashed sweet potatoes with a maple-bacon swirl. (GF)

Mediterranean Couscous Couscous flavored with cucumber, sun-dried tomato, feta cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs. (Veg)

Parmesan Herb Polenta  Creamy polenta with fresh herbs. (Veg, GF)

Potatoes Au Gratin  Thinly sliced potatoes mixed with cream, cheddar cheese, and spices layered then baked golden brown.  (Veg, GF)

Roasted Potatoes  British-style potatoes roasted in light oil with salt and pepper. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Twice Baked Baby Red Potatoes  Stuffed with whipped potatoes flavored with Parmesan cheese, sour cream and fresh chives.  (Veg, GF)

Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake Wild mushroom risotto that has been breaded and fried to create a warm creamy center. (Veg)

Wild Rice and Sautéed Mushrooms  Wild rice blend with seasoned sautéed domestic mushrooms. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)


Arugula Salad  Peppery arugula greens are nicely accompanied by dried fig, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and balsamic vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF)

Classic Caesar Salad  Crisp romaine leaves, tossed with Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, roasted red bell pepper and creamy Caesar dressing.  (Veg)

Grape Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella Balls and Basil Caprese Salad with Balsamic Drizzle  Fresh grape tomatoes,s ciligini mozzarella balls tossed with fresh pesto served with baby field greens and balsamic drizzle. ( Veg, GF)

Greek Cucumber Salad  Diced cucumbers, grape tomato, shaved red onion, kalamta olives, feta cheese tossed in red wine vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF)

Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad  Heirloom grape tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese served atop mixed greens then finished with balsamic vinaigrette and fresh basil. * Plated salad  (Veg, GF)

Mixed Baby Field Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette  Fresh spring mixed greens tossed with diakon radish sprouts, sweet strawberries, julienne red onion, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans and raspberry vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF)

Mixed Field Green Salad  Mixed baby greens tossed with European cucumbers tossed with grape tomatoes, diakon sprouts and champagne vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF)

Mixed Salad Greens with English Cucumbers  Mixed baby field greens with English cucumbers and English blue Stilton dressing. (Veg, GF)

Mothership Tomato Salad  A mixture of fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, oregano, balsamic, olive oil, garlic and red chili seeds. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Poached Pear and Kale Salad  Baby kale topped with poached pears, dried cranberries and feta cheese with an apple vinaigrette on the side. (Veg, GF)

Roasted Chayote Salad  Roasted chayote squash, grape tomatoes, fire roasted corn, sliced scallions tossed in a roasted garlic-jalapeño vinaigrette. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Southwest Caesar  Chopped romaine lettuce topped with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, chopped cilantro and aleppo pepper Caesar dressing. (Veg, GF)

Spinach Salad  Tender green spinach salad that is served with diced pears, crumbled goat cheese, candied pecans and apple vinaigrette.  (Veg, GF)

Spinach Salad with Vegetable Medley  Baby spinach with shaved carrots, pickled red onion, diced cucumber, grated cauliflower and fresh basil with a citrus vinaigrette. (Veg, GF, DF Vegan)

Summer Vegetable Salad – SEASONAL  Fresh corn, cucumbers, onions, red and yellow tomatoes tossed in herbs, vinegar and olive oil. (Veg, GF, DF, Vegan)

Tossed Garden Salad Traditional iceberg and romaine salad with fresh carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, red onion and Ranch dressing.  (Veg, GF)

Vanilla Infused Melon and Pickled Berry Salad  Mixed greens, vanilla infused melon and pickled berry with diced cucumber, fresh mint and basil and feta cheese with a pickling berry vinaigrette. (Veg, GF)

Vine Ripe Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Salad, Balsamic Drizzle Sliced vine ripe tomatoes and mozzarella with fresh basil leaves and balsamic vinegar drizzle.  (Veg, GF)

Watermelon Radish and Roasted Tri-Color Beet Salad  Sliced watermelon radish and roasted tri-colored beets atop a small bed of mixed greens finished with crumbled goat cheese, toasted pepitas and a sherry vinaigrette. (Veg, GF)


Assorted Fresh Baked Rolls, Breads and Butter (Veg)

Cluster Sweet Rolls & Butter (Veg)

Gluten Free Rolls  (Veg, GF)

Grissini Breadsticks (Veg)

Hawaiian Rolls (Veg)

Rustic Bread & Butter (Veg)

Veg = Vegetarian / GF = Gluten Free / DF = Dairy Free / V = Vegan